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This is a survival horror game that takes a lot of skill and bravery. Full version of the game will be released in Q1 2019. - make your way through a corrupted fantasy world filled with... Read More Manage the Night. Nightfall is an eerie interactive story set in a world where the sun never rises. Explore the mysteries of a city that’s been abandoned. Set during the early stages of a disaster, you play as an inhabitant of an unnamed city who discovers the secrets of its past. It is a vision of the world as it might be, and a meditation on the fragility of civilization. Nightfall is a true interactive experience, and involves minimal text to communicate events and information. - an atmospheric first-person experience that takes place in a deserted city . It is the vision of a... Read More Manage a Catapult. The Catapult is a small, pewter catapult. It can be easily built at home, and is just what it sounds like. It is meant to be launched over the heads of small, furry warriors, who are then abducted by an evil monster that makes them his pets. Each new catapult release by the evil monster provides another catatapult to use. This project was written from scratch as a side-project. I was about to learn how to animate, when I decided to make a game. - It's easy to build and fun to use ! I'm really... Read More Portal the Escape Artist. You're a portal! The portal is a puzzle game, where you open gates to escape an evil reality. The idea was to create an exciting adventure, where players solve puzzles to escape from the Real World. Portal the Escape Artist is a solo game. - a game inspired by the popular puzzle video game series Portal , created by and released by Valve Corporation . It's a cross between the Portal series and adventure games ! - Basically, you get stuck in a room and you need to break the door... Read More Portal the Escape Artist is now in early access. - It's not completed yet, but I'd like to share with you a demo of the game that I can offer, in hopes that you will... Read More This game was born




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Hollow Knight Crack denzmal

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